You are currently viewing Minister’s Remarks at the commissioning of the Ministry Call Centre at the NLIC
Hon. Nabakooba launching the call centre

Minister’s Remarks at the commissioning of the Ministry Call Centre at the NLIC

Today, I am pleased to officially commission this call centre for the
Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. A call centre, is a tool for use in our day-to-day operations especially since we operate in the whole country, and hence need a centralized feedback collection centre.
I implore the public out there, across the country to use this toll free call line to, majorly:
1. Report cases of illegal Land evictions;
2. Report incidents of corruption and bribery;
3. Draw Inquiries and reports on delayed land transactions;
4. Bring to us Complaints and reports on poor service delivery and absenteeism;
5. Make Inquiries on Compensation and valuation issues;
6. Seek information on the Projects under the Ministry;
7. Report fraud and forgeries and those abating it; and
8. Any other concerns in the land, Housing and Urban Development sector.
The challenges of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development are many, and we are aware of them. For example tenants protected by the 1995 Constitution are being evicted and do not know what to do or where to go in order to seek legal redress.
A number of transactions are delayed without any proper explanation; Brokers increase the charges for services beyond the

Stipulated fees; and majority of landowners cannot interpret documents like Physical Development Plans, among others.
Commissioning this Call Centre therefore is one of the proactive steps we have taken as a Ministry, so that we actively are responsive to the needs of all Ugandans out there.

I invite citizens and non citizens who access our services to take advantage of this development and get all the information out there. I also would like to implore all my Ministry staff especially in the Ministry Zonal Offices to provide information to the callers once they are asked, and also ensure we have a seamless service delivery in land matters.

This Call Centre is also an important area in e-Governance as it will provide other avenues for citizens and other interested parties to seek and share information on all Ministry services round the clock.

The Call Agents should ensure that responses to clients are timely in order to re-build confidence and trust in the population. I urge all those with challenges to always call this Toll Free line
0 800 100 004 to resolve or report any issue related to our sector.

This call centre shall ultimately enhance the image of the Ministry and enable us resolve most of the land issues in a timely manner.

I thank you and now have the pleasure to officially launch the Call Centre and the Toll Free Line.

For God and My Country