The department of Survey and Mapping is responsible for the establishment of survey and geodetic controls, quality checks of cadastral jobs, survey of government land and international boundaries, production and printing of topographical maps.
The Department is also responsible for producing a National Atlas.
Ministry’s services and the necessary fees charged for various services are as below

No. Services Standard time Cost*
1. Check and process a file for surveyed land/plot up to issuance of Deed plans/ prints 10 working days 3,000= per job; 150/= per point measured.
2. Issuance of Deed plans on request 5 working days 7,500/= per set (small size)

15,000/= to 30,000/= per set (big size)

3. Provision of survey data 2 working days 10,000/=
4. Issuance of Instruction to survey (I/S) 2 working days 5,000/=
5. Provision of site plan/ working print. 1 working days 5,000/=
6. Provision of a hard copy Map/ chart 1 working days 10,000/=
7. Provision of an electronic version of a Map/ Chart 1 working days 75,000/=
8 Provision of a copy of map cartridge 1 working days 10,000/=
9. Provision of aerial photographs 2 working days 15,000/=(per 5 copies)
10 Provision of a print out satellite image 2 working days 30,000/=
11 Provision of a cadastral standard sheet on film 2 working days 30,000/=
12 Provision of report on boundary opening for dispute resolution 10 working days No cost
13 Approval of a land subdivision/ mutation 5 working days 20, 000/=
14 Respond to any mapping/ surveying queries Within 5 working days No cost

All payments attract an additional bank charge.
(b) Fees charged by the department are provided for under the law in the twenty-second schedule of the registration of titles act CAP 230
(c) Where an instrument of lease/ sub-lease or mortgage is dodged in triplicate, an additional of Ugandan shillings 2,000/= is charged.
(d) On lodgment of any instrument or other document whose purpose is to deal with an effect more than one certificate of title, mortgage or lease for each entry after the first one, Ugx shillings 5,000/= is charged
(e) For perusal of power of attorney, a memorandum and articles of a limited liability company, rules or bye- laws of a charter or other written constitution of a corporate body, an additional Ugx shs 5,000/= is charged