Physical Planning:

  • Physical Planning in its broadest sense refers to a set of actions aimed at improving the Physical, Social and Economic welfare of a place and its dwellers.
  • It entails the organization of land uses so that people enjoy the highest achievable degree of efficiency in resource utilization, functionality of places and aesthetic quality.
  • The main concerns of Urban Planning therefore include spatial orderliness, aesthetics of the urban places, efficiency of operations in the social, economic and other arena, and most importantly, man’s well being.


To attain orderly, progressive, sustainable urban and rural development as a framework for industrialization; provision of social and physical infrastructure, agriculture modernization and therefore poverty eradication.


To ensure adequately planned land utilisation, by developing policy framework, provide technical support, monitor and supervise plan formulation and implementation.

Objectives of Physical Planning:

  1. To enhance economic development.
  2. To plan cities and towns.
  3. To facilitate the provision of infrastructure, utilities and services
  4. To create order where there is chaos.
  5. Creation of beauty.
  6. To reduce psychological stress.
  7. To create a conducive environment for all.
  8. Conservation of aesthetics.

Functions of Physical Planning:

  1. To initiate, formulate and review the National Land Use Policy.
  2. National and regional planning
  3. Standard setting.
  4. Technical support to local authorities
  5. Technical and administrative support to the Town and Country Planning Board
  6. Review of the legal framework for physical planning in the country.
  7. Inspection and monitoring all land based developments in the country to ensure that they conform to approve planning schemes, laws and regulation.
  8. To monitor the manner of utilization and development of land by various ministries and organizations to ensure compliance with national policies, standards and plans.
  9. To liaise with local and international organizations including NGOs that have relevance to physical planning.

Importance & Benefits of Physical Planning:

  1. Helpful in the fight against urban and rural poverty.
  2. Helps to address environmental problems.
  3. Helps to maximize the use of land and other resources.
  4. Facilitates orderly development.
  5. Introduces beauty in our settlements.
  6. Separates incompatible land uses.
  7. Eases service provision.
  8. Plans can be used as a fundraising tool.
  9. Helps to improve property values.
  10. Deals with natural selfishness among developers and thus reduces nuisances.
  11. Helps conserve/preserve important features/areas.
  12. Sensitization of the public in support of development efforts.
  13. Protects water catchment areas and protects underground water reserves.

Department of physical planning Service Charges

All documents presented to the department shall be received and stamped at the ministry security registry

No Service Standard time Cost
1. Prepare physical development plans 9 months The determined costs vary and are by clients
2. Prepare detailed layout 6 months Costs vary and are met by clients
3. Consider and approve plans by the national physical planning board 60 working days
  • 1,000,000/=for district physical development plans
  • 2,000,000/= for city physical development plans
  •  1,000,000/= for municipal physical development plans
  •  500,000/= for town council physical development plans
4 communication of board’s decision to local governments 5 working days after the board’s decision No cost
5 Respond to requests for change of user 60 working days No cost
6 Provide feedback to LG s on planning clearance/guidance 5 working days No cost
7 Inspection of gazetted Urban centers At least once a year No cost
8. Gazettement of approved physical Development Plans 6 months after approval by National Physical Planning Board. No cost
9. Availing land use information & /or plans to users 2 working days Reproduction costs are met by clients.
10. Induction of new LG Physical Planning staff Within the first three months of their appointment No cost