The Department of Urban Development is responsible for formulation of urban policies, regulations, development and review of relevant laws, standard setting to enhance orderly urban development.

Department Service Charges

No. Services Standard time Cost*
1. Provide quarterly updates on the national Urban policy and strategic Urban Development plan for Uganda. ·         Every first week on the following quarter No cost


2. Hold four National Urban Forum workshops/Public debates every year. Second week of August, November, February and April No cost
3. Provide technical support to the municipal-wide development forums once at least every quarter March, June, September & December every year. No cost
4. Carry out publicity campaign activities under the National Urban campaign programme targeting schools, universities, civil society, religious groups, government departments, Local governments and general public. Continuous No cost
5. Carry out quarterly monitoring and inspection of urban sector to assess performance and produce a report and disseminate the findings for appropriate action. March, June, September & December every year. No cost
6. Publish and disseminate information on the urban citizenship rights and responsibilities of the urban poor once a quarter March, June, September & December every year. No cost
7. Compile and update a national urban indicators database on an annual basis. By June 30th every year. No cost
8. Publish the state of the national Urban Sector Report annually and disseminate it to stakeholders October every year No cost

All documents presented to the Department shall be received and stamped at the Ministry’s security Registry.