The Department of Land Use Regulation and Compliance is responsible for formulation of land use related policies, plans and regulations. It also provides technical support and guidance to Local Governments in the field of land use regulation, monitoring and evaluation, and systematization of the land use compliance monitoring function and practice

No. Services Standard time Cost*
1. Monitor, Inspect and supervise local Government and urban Councils for Land use Compliance
  •   Once a year for districts & Town Councils.
  •  Twice a year for Municipalities.
  • Quarterly for KCCA Divisions
No cost


2. Provide feedback to inspected LGs on corrective actions required of them 2 weeks after inspection No cost
3. Publish a ‘state of land use compliance report’ One every two years starting 2012 No cost
4. Respond to requests by LGs & other MDAs for technical support in the area of Land use regulation & compliance Within 1 month of receipt of request No cost
5. Respond to requests for change of user Within five (5) working days No cost

All documents presented to the Department shall be received and stamped at the Ministry security Registry.