Message from the P.S

Mrs. Dorcas W. Okalany Welcomes you to Ministry of Lands

This Accessto Information Manual is published in line with Section 7 of the Access to Information Act (ATIA), 2005. The Act gives effect to the provisions of Section 41 of the 1995 Constitution, and the Access to Information Act (ATIA), 2005 which provides for the right of access to information in the possession of the State.This Manual contains information to provide for the right of access to information and broad categories of information held by the Ministry. It contains information on procedures for obtaining access to that information and related matters.

It provides the postal; physical; and online addresses, and contacts of the Ministry, and especially the contact of the Information Officer, who is the Permanent Secretary and his/her, authorized officers to perform the functions of implementing and coordinating the access to information initiatives on behalf of theMinistry.A broad description of the Ministry subject areas on which the Ministry holds records and an index of the categories of records held under various subject areas is provided. Other documents available online are listed on the Ministry

Sufficient detail, including the nature of all formal and informal procedures available to facilitate a request for access to information is provided. The manual also contains information on requirements, procedures, fees charged to access service delivery in the Ministry and the time it takes to deliver the services.

A description of the arrangement or provision for a person by consultation, representation or otherwise, to participate in or influence the formulation of policy; and description of remedies available in respect of an act or a failure to act by the Ministry to provide Information are included

This Manual shall next be up dated in December, 2013. As the Chief Executive of this Ministry, I do hope, the public, finds this manual useful in accessing information as provided for under the Law and that you will effectively engage the Ministry in the pursuit of your rights to information


Government of Uganda |M.L.H.U.D