Planning and Qualiy Assurance Department



Mr. William Turyomurugyendo

Welcome to Planning and Quality Assurance Department (PQA)

This department is responsible for strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes, quality standards assurance,and coordinating the training function in the Ministry. The department is headed by Commissioner, Planning and Quality Assurance. It is headed by [0414-666 008].

Roles and Functions

The main roles and functions of the Ministry cut across the three sub sectors of Lands, Housing and Urban Development which are:

  • Formulate national policies, strategies and programmes in the lands, housing and urban development sectors;
  • Initiate, review and make amendments to existing legislation in thelands, housing and urban development sub sectors;
  • Set national standards for matters regarding sustainable use and development of land and provision of safe, planned and improved housing/human settlements;
  • Monitor and coordinate initiatives in the Local Governments as regards the lands, housing and urban development sub sectors;
  • Provide support, supervision and technical back-stopping to Local Governments on matters regarding lands, housing and urban development;
  • Make new maps and update existing ones;
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders for the mobilization of resources in support of national lands, housing and urban development initiatives;
  • Liaise with neighboring countries for the proper maintenance of territorial boundaries;
  • Provide guidance and effective management of lands, housing and urbanization;
  • Mobilization of financial and technical assistance for the development of lands, housing and urban development sub sectors.
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